"I'll take BtRL for $1000, Alex."

In short, Beyond the Red Line is...

...an undying, FREE-to-play endeavor that's unaffiliated with corporate entities.


Once upon a time, there was...

...a too-popular thing now labeled an "experimental output". That trial run has since been archived.

The Beyond the Red Line vision-made-real has yet to come.


Lessons learned...

...include the realization that Beyond the Red Line can only be made by discriminating fans for the discriminating fan.

As a non-hobbyist/non-casual development project, we're always on the lookout for select folks with some time to spare, can generate quality stuff, and can also comprehend the meaning of essential terms and concepts, e.g., dedication, confidentiality, mental flexibility...


If there is interest...

...please be considerate, patient.

Please offer us specific skillsets if you're so inclined, but only if you are willing to follow-through; at least find out what you're signing up for before any significant amount of time is wasted (on both sides).

If project needs are unclear or mysterious, please pick your favorite, strongest skill(s) and check with us. If you're a good fit, you'll be doing a great deal of what you like (or love) anyway.

Please also check out our official mailing list for exclusive updates. If you're in for the long haul, you will be glad you stuck around.

A DBSL Production

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