experimental output (E.O.)

File downloads for the unpatched, ancient thing are generally available at the links below.

As for the hosted patcher, it is wholly within your discretion whether you choose to spend time researching solutions, or just play the E.O. unpatched. Is it really that big a deal without the patch? Depends on who, or what, you ask... but is irrelevant now.

Although more details can be found here (Experimental Output: Details & Specs), please be exceedingly aware of this fact:

All Technical Support is No Longer Available.

This has been true for a good while, and is not intended to be a slight to gamers who just happened upon the E.O. moments ago; at this point, it isn't a high enough priority given the amount of interesting things currently in the works. So, to reiterate for the folks not in touch with reality: persistent inquiries and complaints regarding the issue will be ignored.

HOWEVER, if you are extremely patient, or have skills and time you'd like to contribute, it could be worth your while to look here.



Windows: | FileFront | Internode Games Network | ModDB (registered usrs) | | | | | | MasterP mirror | SectorGame | PeliPlaneettanet | Spec8472 mirror.

Mac OSX: | ckeck mirror | | Spec8472 mirror.

Linux: | | .run, Spec8472 mirror | .tgz, Spec8472 mirror.


optional patcher:

Windows Version (.zip) | Mac/*nix Version(.jar)

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